The Travel Bath Stool is easy to assemble with its patented twist and lock design which also make it great for travel or storage.

Adjustable Bath Stool

    • Adjustable Bath Stool

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      Item Number: 9006-R
      Unit Weight (lbs): 3.5
      Weight Cap (lbs): 300
      Seat Height (inches): 15.5 – 20.25
      Seat Dimensions (inches): 12.5w x 12.5d
      Overall Dimensions High: 15w x 15d
      Overall Dimensions Low (inches): 14w x 14d
      Can Be Used in Bath or Shower: Yes
      Retail Packaged: Yes
      Tip Size (inches): 1 1/8
      UPC Each: 652308900607
      Msrp: 39.95