Valencia Pharmacy offers the Santa Clarita Valley's largest selection of medical equipment and medical supply items. We take pride in providing the community with the highest quality medical equipment from the best manufacturers in the industry. At Valencia Pharmacy, we make it a priority to offer products in a wide range of sizes and prices.

With our large showroom, we have the ability to stock multiple styles and sizes that are available for immediate pick up or delivery, ensuring you have access to the equipment you need, when you need it. We can also special order items and deliver them right to your home. Valencia Pharmacy also offers certified repairs by our qualified technicians for your existing equipment. When it is time to replace equipment, our knowledgeable staff can help you select the product that is right for your needs and budget. Give us a call today or stop by our showroom to see what we have in store for you. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have. Come back to our website again for our online medical equipment catalog.

Bathroom Aids

  •  Shower Chairs

  •  Grab Bars

  •  Transfer Benches

  •  Commodes

  •  Bathroom Chairs

  •  Bath Lifts

Walking Aids

  •  Walking Canes

  •  Crutches

  •  Rolling Walkers

  •  Rollators

  •  Knee Walkers

  •  Rehab Walking Aids

Orthopedic Supply

  •  Ankle & Foot Brace

  •  Arm & Shoulder Brace

  •  Body & Back Support

  •  Wrist Support

  • Knee Brace

  • Hernia Belts

Compression Garments

  •  High Performance

  •  Athletic Walker

  •  Ultra Sheer

  •  Opaque

  •  Jobst

  •  Travel Sock

Lifts & Ramps

  •  Car Lifts

  •  Suitcase Ramps

  •  Threshold Ramps

  •  Trifold Ramps

  •  Solid Ramps

  • Stair Lifts

Patient Lifts

  •  Manual

  •  Electric

  •  Stand-up

  •  Heavy Duty

  •  Portable Electric

  •  Slings

Beds & Related

  •  Hospital Beds

  •  Home Care Beds

  •  Adjustable Beds

  •  Bariatric Beds

Lift Chairs

  •  2 Position

  •  3 Position

  •  Infinite Position

  •  Zero Gravity

  •  Heavy Duty

  •  Seat Lifts

Manual Wheelchairs

  •  Transport

  •  Standard

  •  Lightweight

  •  Ultra Light

  •  Reclining

  •  Handcycles

Power Scooters

  •  3-Wheel Travel

  •  4-Wheel Travel

  •  3-Wheel

  •  4-Wheel

  •  Heavy Duty

  •  Batteries & Chargers

Power Wheelchairs

  •  Travel

  •  Mid-Wheel

  •  Folding

  •  Heavy Duty

  •  Permobil

  •  Batteries & Chargers

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